ACCIM Executive Director steps Down

February 10th, 2012

Australian Churches of Christ indigenous Ministries (ACCIM) Executive Director steps down due to health concerns

Health concerns have been a key factor in Phillip Moncrieff’s, ACCIM’s first interim Indigenous Executive Director, decision to withdraw from the ministry to focus on his wellbeing and recovery.

“I feel this is necessary as a serious illness has severely impacted my work output and life in general,” Mr Moncrieff said. “I am very grateful for the prayers from supporters around Australia and am looking forward to engaging with all of them at a later time.”

ACCIM will continue with its work around the nation seeking support for indigenous ministry in order to continue with the strong legacy of providing a strong avenue for culturally appropriate outreach and worship under the banner of Churches of Christ.

“we ask that our supporters continue to uphold Phillip in prayer as he recovers; and that they continue with much needed support for the ministry that still continues to effectively minister to both Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal folks,” stated Justin Dhu, ACCIM Chair.