Council of Churches of Christ in Aus. Joins “Stop the Traffik”

March 14th, 2012

The CCCA is please to announce that in the lead up to Easter we have joined the group Stop the Traffik, which is a non-for profit that is focused on putting an end to slavery as it exists today.  Those familiar with Stop the Traffik would be aware of their campaign to highlight the use of child slavery in the production of chocolate, which is of course a serious issue year round but has particular relevance as we approach Easter. Each church will decide on how they want to participate in this cause, but we want you Рat the most basic level Рto be aware that as a national body we are now a partner, and that there are resources for you to use if you follow this link.

State Offices would have sent an e-mail out about this to churches a week or so ago.

Craig Brown (Federal Coordinator)