ACCIM Statement

August 9th, 2012


Changes to Come for ACCIM

and Indigenous Ministry

8 August 2012


The Board of the Australian Churches of Christ Indigenous Ministries (ACCIM) recently met to discuss the future shape of ACCIM’s ministry.  The Board acknowledged ACCIM’s long history, as well as the contribution of people who have tirelessly worked to build the current foundations of Indigenous ministry over the past decades. The ACCIM Board also recognized critical factors threatening ACCIM’s future.  The Board has sensed the changing season for Indigenous ministry in Churches of Christ, and looks forward to ensuring the sustainability of Indigenous Ministry in Churches of Christ.


The following decisions were made only after first unanimously supporting a document outlining the important values regarding the shape of Indigenous ministry authored by the Indigenous members of the Board.


The ACCIM Board has appointed an interim transition group whose first task is to explore with the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (CCCA), Global Mission Partners (GMP) and the Churches of Christ State Conferences the creation of an Indigenous Reference Group (IRG) that will determine the future shape of Churches of Christ mission and ministry with, for and alongside Indigenous people.


This group will also investigate the formation of an appropriate Trust or Foundation that will be able to fund future Indigenous ministry, with governance coming primarily from the Indigenous Reference Group.


This interim transition group will report its findings to the ACCIM Board by October 31, 2012.


We encourage ACCIM supporters to participate with us as we discover God’s path for Indigenous Ministry. Your prayers will be valued as we make the necessary arrangements to resource a sustainable ministry that reflects the ACCIM Board’s long-standing commitment to mission and ministry with, for and alongside Indigenous people.


Any questions from supporters, churches or other interested parties are welcome.



Justin Dhu, ACCIM Chairman


For further information, please contact ACCIM:

Phone: (08) 9309 3922, Fax: (08) 9309 4101