Book Release: “DNA of Churches of Christ” by Graham Carslake

December 8th, 2014

Author Graham Carslake has a “love affair” with the church. His deep love for their movement has driven him to write his book, “DNA of Churches of Christ” (published by Xlibris AU). This tells the pioneer stories for the ordinary people seeking out a church home to appreciate their vital past as the Churches of Christ movement. It is also for those who have never heard their story of faith.


In a very mixed up world, there are people who are trying to restore the style of church that Jesus began and to honour its heritage and message. How does “in essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things LOVE”, sound for a good beginning? Carslake reveals the story of how “uncluttered Christianity” became the heartbeat of a movement calling for the unity of Christians on the basis of restoring the life and witness of New Testament Christianity. He also tells how the pioneers, Thomas Campbell and son Alexander Campbell, Barton Stone and Walter Scott, all caught the same vision of the church and came together as one as they endeavour to promote this mission.


“Here is a fresh approach for people to grow into the Christian church as a movement rather than as a denomination,” Carslake says. “Here is the seedbed of a relevant church able to adjust to a changing community in the 21st century and to meet all human needs.”


An enlightening and inspiring read, “DNA of Churches of Christ” captures the essence of the origins and its people with their brief stories that gives readers a taste of its heart beat.


Copies are available for sale at Stirling College, you can order via a website or you can contact Graham directly for more information via


“DNA of Churches of Christ”

By Graham Carslake

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