Churches of Christ in Australia History

There are a number of interested people who collect, preserve, make available and write about the history and heritage of Australian Churches of Christ.

Churches of Christ in Australia encourage the collection of records and ephemera pertaining to the churches, church departments, individuals, Stirling College and the Austral Printing and Publishing Company. Donations of materials are always welcome to your State Conference or to the Hindmarsh Centre (connected with Stirling College).

There is a large and historically significant collection of materials soon to be transferred to the new Hindmarsh Centre at Stirling College in Mulgrave, Victoria.

Anzac Centenary:

As Australia prepares to commemorate the centenary of the Anzac landing at Gallipoli, we might consider the various perspectives of Churches of Christ members at the time of the Great War.

This diversity of perspective is highlighted strikingly by an example from the United Kingdom: Prime Minister David Lloyd George who was raised in Churches of Christ, locked up conscientious objectors, a number of whom were Churches of Christ men.

Editorials in the Australian Christian in this period repeatedly advised Churches of Christ members not to argue amongst themselves and to allow freedom of conscience.

This is an appropriate time to reflect on war, violence, sacrifice, mateship and the meaning Australians attach to Anzac Day.

Some articles:

A primary document by A C Rankin from the Christian Plea:- ‘War is one of the things which eventually will be one of the evils to be forever abolished. But the time has not yet come. A great deal has been spoken and written concerning that which some have described as “The Last Great War.” If we, however, understand the Scripture aright, this will not be the “last great war.”  So long as unregenerated human nature is in the world, just so long will wars occur.’ Click on the two links here to read the original 1916 article:  CP Apr 1916 p7     CP Apr 1916 p8

“Harry Palmer and the Fellowship of Suffering” by Harold Hayward.

“For Service of Our Soldiers: Four World War I Chaplains” by Dennis Nutt

“Brothers in Arms” by Harold Hayward.

A short biography of a Churches of Christ military commander, later a Conference President, Stanley Weir 

Special thanks to Kerrie Handasyde, Harold Hayward, Dennis Nutt, Jonathan Smith and David Whyatt for providing this information