An Introduction to the Ministers’ & Employees’ Benefits Scheme (MEBS)

Portable Long Service Leave – A Way to Bless Ministers and Staff

MEBS was established for ministers or staff of Churches of Christ churches, colleges and agencies to provide a benefit when Long Service Leave (LSL) is taken. This Fund is portable (follows from one employer to another) to cater for an employee who has not been in the one position long enough to qualify for LSL, as is often the case in ministry. This portability also allows for the LSL account to remain open once the member leaves Churches of Christ employment or has retired.

While contributing to MEBS is not compulsory in a legal sense, there has been a “code of honour” for many years within Churches of Christ that contributions will be made to ministers’ Long Service Leave accounts.

How Does It Work?

MEBS recommends that churches/agencies make a contribution each year on behalf of their employees. Interest is earned on all contributions and credited to members accounts. The recommended annual contribution is 1.3 times the weekly salary package of the minister or employee if paid to the Fund in March. If paid in September it is recommended that 1.4 times the weekly salary package be contributed to compensate for loss of interest. A “Contribution Notice” is sent annually to remind employers of members to make a contribution.

MEBS maintains separate LSL accounts for each member and a statement is forwarded to members each year in August for the preceding Financial Year. This statement will detail contributions received, withdrawals, interest earned and fees.

Further Information

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