Week Of Prayer For Christian Unity Resources

May 10th, 2012

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (May 20th – 27th 2012) resources are focused on the theme of

“We will all be changed by the Victory of our Lord Jesus Christ”

(cf. 1 Cor 15:51-58)

These resources can be found on the National Council of Churches in Australia website.

Federal Coordinator of Churches of Christ to Step Down in 2013

April 24th, 2012

The Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (CCCA) reports that our Federal Coordinator, Craig Brown, will be stepping down from his role in March 2013.   The CCCA will take the opportunity to use the long lead time that Craig has given to explore the shape of the Federal Coordinator’s role in light of its current needs, ministry orientation and future possibilities, and will keep the wider community of Churches of Christ informed with the progress it makes.

Craig has been in this role since its establishment in April 2008. Craig will take long service leave later in the year as he seeks God for clarity around his future direction.  We will have an opportunity, later in the year, to farewell Craig and acknowledge his contribution to our wider movement.


Andrew Ball

Chairperson of the CCCA

April 24th, 2012.

Council of Churches of Christ in Aus. Joins “Stop the Traffik”

March 14th, 2012

The CCCA is please to announce that in the lead up to Easter we have joined the group Stop the Traffik, which is a non-for profit that is focused on putting an end to slavery as it exists today.  Those familiar with Stop the Traffik would be aware of their campaign to highlight the use of child slavery in the production of chocolate, which is of course a serious issue year round but has particular relevance as we approach Easter. Each church will decide on how they want to participate in this cause, but we want you – at the most basic level – to be aware that as a national body we are now a partner, and that there are resources for you to use if you follow this link.

State Offices would have sent an e-mail out about this to churches a week or so ago.

Craig Brown (Federal Coordinator)

ACCIM Executive Director steps Down

February 10th, 2012

Australian Churches of Christ indigenous Ministries (ACCIM) Executive Director steps down due to health concerns

Health concerns have been a key factor in Phillip Moncrieff’s, ACCIM’s first interim Indigenous Executive Director, decision to withdraw from the ministry to focus on his wellbeing and recovery.

“I feel this is necessary as a serious illness has severely impacted my work output and life in general,” Mr Moncrieff said. “I am very grateful for the prayers from supporters around Australia and am looking forward to engaging with all of them at a later time.”

ACCIM will continue with its work around the nation seeking support for indigenous ministry in order to continue with the strong legacy of providing a strong avenue for culturally appropriate outreach and worship under the banner of Churches of Christ.

“we ask that our supporters continue to uphold Phillip in prayer as he recovers; and that they continue with much needed support for the ministry that still continues to effectively minister to both Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal folks,” stated Justin Dhu, ACCIM Chair.

Residents of Warrawee Aged Care Service St George evacuated to Gold Coast

February 8th, 2012

After days of preparation and planning, the residents from Churches of Christ Care Warrawee Aged Care Service St George were evacuated from the flood ravaged region to the Gold Coast on Sunday 5 February.

The 34 residents were flown from St George to Gold Coast Airport in two trips – four high care residents arrived by CareFlight early Sunday morning and 30 by a RAAF C-130 Hercules, Sunday afternoon.

Touching down at Gold Coast Airport, residents were greeted by David Swain, Director – Churches of Christ Care: Grant Weaver, General Manager – People and Performance and Crisis Management Team Coordinator: a support crew; and a fleet of ambulances.

Thirty residents were transported by Queensland Ambulance Services to six aged care service providers at Southport and Ashmore, and to two Churches of Christ Care aged care services.

With water levels expected to peak at a record 15 metres, the Warrawee facility is expected to be inundated with flood waters. Warrawee staff, led by Steve McNamara, Aged Care Area Manager – Far West, has worked hard preparing the facility for water by sandbagging critical areas such as electricity transformers, lifting furniture off the floor, and packing residents’ belongings and records for transport.

Mandatory evacuations have been declared for the inland Queensland town of St George as it braces for a record flood to hit. Authorities made the call on Sunday based on modelling by the Bureau of Meteorology.

Modelling shows upstream rivers rising quickly and the Balonne River is now expected to peak in St George anywhere between 14 and 15 metres.

The evacuation of over 3000 St George residents is the largest in Queensland’s history.

Churches of Christ in Queensland CEO Dean Phelan said if the water rises to anticipated record levels, the Warrawee facility is expected to go under.

“Last year the water lapped our doorstep but it looks like we may not be spared this time. We have been sandbagging but it appears it will have little effect,” he said.

“For two thirds of our residents, this is their third evacuation in as many years. While this is a major disruption, they are all coping well despite the stressful situation. Our staff are primarily concerned with the residents’ wellbeing and safety, and have done everything they can to keep them informed and updated.

 “Moving this many people, some with specific health needs, is a huge logistical operation but our staff have done an outstanding job of providing ongoing care and support, and organising records.”

Churches of Christ in Queensland worked closely with Retrieval Services, Emergency Services and Queensland Ambulance Service in preparing for the evacuation. Dean said the emergency services have done a fantastic job.

“We are grateful to everyone who has helped us protect our facility and to evacuate our residents quickly,” Dean said.

“The professionalism of everyone involved has been outstanding – the welfare and safety of our residents is paramount and it’s uplifting to know that it has been a priority for their local community and emergency services.”

Other Churches of Christ Care St George services affected are the Mobile Children’s Service St George, Family Day Care St George, Early Childhood Centre St George, Home and Community Care Services St George, Community Care Program St George, and an Independent Living Unit.

Dean said many in the Churches of Christ in Queensland family will be affected by the flood.

“Being affected by the flooding three years in a row is hard to take and we extend our prayers and love to our staff and families affected by the flood. Once the water recedes, there will a lot of work to do in St George and surrounding areas.”

In other flood news…

Many areas in central and south-west Queensland have been affected by flood waters including Mitchell, Roma and Charleville.

Water in Roma and Mitchell is falling and the community is moving into recovery mode.

Churches of Christ Sunday free resource

December 13th, 2011

Churches of Christ Sunday was on October 2nd this year. Our theme this year was, “we are a people where every member ministers”.  Churches of Christ Australia developed a booklet We are a people where Every Member Ministers, with four articles and four Bible studies, which you can choose to use in any way that is appropriate for your local church. Download this booklet here.

This can be printed off, emailed to members of your church, leadership or used for Bible study groups. Our hope is that this year’s theme will inspire people to think about serving in their local church community.

Other free resources available from Churches of Christ Australia include: Asking the Unasked Questions; The Journey of Baptism booklet; The Open Table booklet (last year’s theme around the Lord’s Supper), and The D&A is part of our DNA – the 2009 booklet talking about the 200th anniversary of Campbell’s seminal Declaration and Address. Visit our Resources page for these titles.


Asking the unasked questions – free youth resource

December 13th, 2011

Examining how local churches and youth leaders can create environments for retaining youth leaders and facilitating enduring and mission-shaped youth ministries.

Free Baptism resources for churches – The Journey of Baptism

December 8th, 2011

Download pdf here
A new booklet for those considering baptism.

In keeping with the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia’s (CCCA) desire to resource the local church we are pleased to offer you a new and free baptism resource called The Journey of Baptism. This is a resource that examines what it means to be baptised, what it means to be part of a church and deals with many of the common questions raised by people who are on the journey of considering what it means to be baptised in Churches of Christ.

It is light on jargon and is suitable for most ages, but is particularly relevant to the most common age group considering baptism: youth and young adults.

See other church resources on our Resources page