Baptism resources for churches

The Journey of Baptism – Download pdf here

A Booklet for those considering baptism.

Baptism Certificates – Click here

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Churches of Christ Sunday resources

A Renewal Movement  –Download PDF here

Churches of Christ have a strong history of pioneering evangelism and planting new churches. You are invited to read the stories of Australian pioneers, and consider how God might be at work to renew our movement and local churches today.

A Movement Moving  – Download pdf here

Churches of Christ call ourselves a movement, not a denomination. We are people who seek to pattern ourselves on the New Testament church. The early church was a remarkable, exponentially growing movement. Key to this explosive growth was a focus on discipleship; being apprenticed into the Christian community and learning to follow the teachings of Jesus.

Christ Alone ‘No Creed but Christ’ – Download pdf here

We need to make it clear that we’re not against creeds as such. In particular the Nicene Creed and the Apostle’s Creed contain the beliefs of the early church.  Where the ‘rub’ is for our Movement is this: are creeds – or anything else – used as added extras to belief in Jesus and membership of a church.

The D&A is part of our DNA – Download pdf here

A Booklet examining and celebrating the origins and key themes of Churches of Christ.

We are a people where Every Member Ministers – Download pdf here

The Open Table Booklet – Download pdf here

Churches of Christ Sunday occurs on the first Sunday in October. This resource is on the theme ‘The Open Table’.  This booklet can assist in celebrating and exploring this important theme.

Why are we choosing to have a “Churches of Christ Sunday”?

A key reason is the acknowledgment that many in our churches have not grown up with a Church of Christ background. Some have, but have not been introduced (for various reasons) to what it means to have Church of Christ values or characteristics. They are happy to be members and participants in their local church and its mission and ministry. And as a collection of interdependent churches, no one has a problem with that.

Youth resources

Asking the Unasked Questions (youth leadership resources) – Download pdf here

A Booklet that encourages creating healthy church environments for youth leaders to thrive in.

Women in Ministry

A resource exploring the contribution of women in ministry in Churches of Christ – Download the pdf here

GR Stirling Lecture

A lecture given on the 30th of April 2015 by Janet Woodlock –GR Stirling Lecture

Papers on mission

A reflection on what disciple-making churches do, and how your church might become effective at this, by Ken Morgan: Process, Context and Content

Questions on discipleship and Spirit-led mission by Andy Hardy from Formission College in the UK: Practical Spiritual Theology of Discipleship

Questions on multicultural mission by Andy Hardy and Dan Yarnell from the UK: Multicultural Mission

How does the Trinity shape our communal life and mission? And what pushes against this shaping? A reflection by Mary Fisher: The Trinity and the Worshipping Community in Mission

Dean Phelan has written a case study of organisational change in Churches of Christ in Queensland. What principles outlined here apply to your own church or organisation? The Church and Organizational Learning

Churches of Christ in SA/NT are currently investing in NCD (Natural Church Development). NCD research suggests the least healthy aspect of a church’s life becomes its most significant “growth limiting factor”.  What might the “growth limiting factor” be for your church? The SDA church in Australia has spent a number of years tracking with the NCD process: here is a Seventh-day Adventist NCD Case Study 2015

Planting new churches is viewed by many as a critical part of fulfilling the Great Commission. Coaching and mentoring can make church planting more effective. John Rietveld explores how coaching makes a difference: WHY CHURCH PLANTING COACHES

See Martin Robinson’s presentation around the cultural revolution in the West from the 1960’s onward, and the big picture issues around our current mission challenge here

The Journal of Missional Practice is a free biannual journal: you can check it out and subscribe to it here

A report on a 2015 dialogue with Churches of Christ in the UK: Report on Birmingham Gathering to CCCA